Informed decision-making tips #1, use your brains…
Break your decision down step by step.
What are the benefits and risks? weigh out your options
Consider and make note of other alternatives. Explore them using the BRAINS acronym later is needed.
LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS- consider what your gut has to say
What if I do NOTHING, Should I wait until I am in a better headspace to make this decision?


“Maybe I need a second opinion.”

If you have gone through all these steps and still don’t feel comfortable and confident in your decision, reaching out to a trusted professional may be a great idea.

Ask Questions

The world around us is changing quickly.

New standards and policies are being introduced daily. As a new or expecting parent this can be quite overwhelming and can really cause disruption to our excitement, and natural hormonal flow during pregnancy.

Please, ask questions; to your birth team, call your chosen hospital where you will be delivering, ask your OB at prenatal appointments, ask your midwife, ask your doula. For many this is not the pregnancy and birth experience we expected.

We will be posting more tips this week on how to ask meaningful questions, who you can contact locally, how to make informed decision making, and grounding techniques. We can’t provide all the answers as we do not always receive answers, but we can and will do our best to be here to support you the families.