Knowing when to use them is the key!

This is where a doula shines.

During pregnancy we know there is no shortage of hormones flowing through our bodies. Sometimes, we cant help but notice that closer to birth we find our pregnant bodies walking a little different then they once did. Your body literally makes it that your joints and bones are more loose in preparation for birth!
Our pelvis is something we often think of as a fairly fixed part of us. In fact, is is hinged and can be maneuvered by something as simple as putting your knees together and feet apart.
Add to that the all fours position, this gives babe a chance to re position their head and become perfectly lined up for decent through the cervix. Not only that, it will take any unnecessary pressure off of the cervix that can lead to swelling and “failure to progress”.
But don’t we need pressure on the cervix for it to dilate?
Knowing tips and tricks is great but knowing when to use them is where an experienced doula shines.

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