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Renfrew County Doulas is the premiere agency in the Ottawa Valley for pregnancy, birth and postpartum resources and services. We are a growing, diverse team that is inclusive and ready to work with and for you!

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By balancing head knowledge (expanding your understanding of the physiology and chemistry of labour) and heart knowledge (incorporating music, art, movement, massage and story telling; learning to tap into the incredible forces of hope and love in labour), Renfrew County Doula’s Childbirth Education helps mothers and their support partners holistically prepare for this timeless right of passage; the journey that ends with a beginning; a new chapter; a new life.

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Trimester Chart

Here’s a handy chart with suggestions of how we can help you along your journey.

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    Your baby is TWO weeks old! You still might not even know there is a baby growing! If you do: its time to contact your health care provider, especially the Madawaska Valley Midwives. Their site contains a list of websites and books for you to enjoy!

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    Birth Announcement

    Likely you know that you're pregnant now! Your baby's limbs are growing and all of those tiny fingers & toes are nearly complete! Have you considered your birth announcements? Our friends at GallantMEDIA can help with creating a beautiful, meaningful and memorable experience.

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    It's Doula Time

    Research suggests that your baby is starting to sense sounds now! If you haven't already, now is the time to be hiring your birth doula! Schedule your complimentary consultation with us!

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1st Trismester

0.4kg - 2.0kg
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    Can you feel it?

    Isn't it fascinating feeling all of the movements from your baby!? Exercising during pregnancy will help keep you and baby happy and healthy! Check with your doula about the local options for Prenatal Yoga, Aquafit, Pregnancy Exercise Specialists etc! Make sure you are taking care of you! Self care is important and looks different for everyone!

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    You're Half Way Home

    You've passed your half way mark! Your baby's brain is growing incredibly fast right now! So many families are doing amazing gender reveal parties and announcements and guess what - our friends at GallantMEDIA can help with that!

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    Childbirth Education!

    That cute baby fat is growing now as well as eye lashes and taste buds! Make sure you are checking in with your birth doula about tips on sleep during pregnancy, exercise and everything you can think of! Prenatal yoga is a great way to get exercise and meet other expecting moms! Now is a good time to start thinking about Childbirth Preparation Classes! Lets get you registered, informed and ready!

2nd Trismester

2.0kg - 8.0kg
  • 31

    Growing Quickly

    Space inside is really starting to be cramped as your baby grows! Eyes are preparing, lungs are developing and practicing, and the brain development growth spurt is continuing! There's no doubt that your own body feels the beautiful burden of pregnancy! Consider chiropractic care, physiotherapy (particularly pelvic floor) and massage therapy to help you through! Maternity photos are a great way to celebrate your beautiful body that is growing a gorgeous life! It can be a great experience for you but also for your relationship with your partner and older children! Our photographer is ready to create beautiful memories for you!

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    The Home Stretch

    Can you believe how strong that little baby is? Kicks and jabs are so uncomfortable and sometimes startling! Your birth doula will have some suggestions or is a perfect ear to listen! Most babies are "head down" at this point in pregnancy. If your baby happens to be breech at this stage, you have some options! Check them out here. Considering touching base with your photographer about Newborn Photography!

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    Happy Birth Day!

    This is your expected date. Only about 5% of babies are born on their EDD! There is a good chance you still have another 7-10 days of being pregnant and that is okay! Regularly check in with your doula for emotional support and ways to manage and prepare your body for labour! Keep your feet up, stay hydrated and rest until its Birth Day!

*units in weeks

3rd Trismester

8.0kg - 13.6kg

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