Our Lactation Educator provides education, counselling, and support to families, and the community, by providing evidence based information about lactation and breastfeeding.

Our Support includes non-biased focused information, support, encouragement, guidance, referrals, and education to communities, famillies and professionals. Such information includes:

  • Providing culturally sensitive and adult based education
  • Refering to healthcare professionals when support requires clinical assessment, need for prescription, or medical diagnosis
  • Helping families understand their rights according to current healthcare policy and legal statues
  • Advising parents on how to maintain lactation when they are separated from their infant, which includes information on hand expression and the usage of breast pumps
  • Offering continual support for families during the weaning process and beyond as it pertains to breastfeeding
  • Educating, supporting and offering referrals to mothers who need to supplement or find that breastfeeding must be halted due to medical and/or personal reasons

Meet with our Lactation Educator for an in home meeting that will include latch assessment, tips and suggestions for a successful breastfeeding relationship, assistance with breastfeeding difficulties, and a follow-up phone or virtual video consultation within 48 hours of your visit.

A Lactation Educator is not a clinician and therefore does not::

  • Take a medical history or take medical notes on their clients.
  • Provide clinical written histories to healthcare workers (as they do not take clinical notes)
  • Give clinical assessment of the mother’s breasts, the baby’s mouth, or the dyad’s dysfunctional latch
  • Use pre and post lacteal weight checks for assessment
  • Prescribe the use of medical devices including but not limited to nipple shields, supplemental nursing systems, and topical ointments

Additional information about support from a Lactation Educator:

  • Lactation Educators work with families from preconception through the stage of weaning offering education, encouragement, counseling, an experienced point of view, and fostering confidence, and a commitment to breastfeeding.
  • Lactation Educators can be found working in a variety of settings to offer their services to families. Families can find them working as public health educators, WIC peer counselors, hospital/community educators, pediatric support professionals, and in private practice as educators.
  • Lactation educators are educators and counselors, not clinicians. Therefore Lactation
  • Educators work within the healthcare system by offering appropriate referrals when their observance or counseling uncovers situations that require health care attention or support.


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