I wake up, my eyes groggy from a night of sleep.⠀
I thought back to my night.⠀
When I had to go pee and I snuck over to your bedroom and woke you up… you came with me. Your whisper in the dark helped me feel safe. ⠀
When the shadows seemed scary and I cried into the dark night and you came and your arms comforted me. The shadows disappeared and I felt comfort in your arms.⠀
I blink my groggy eyes twice and feel a rumbling in my belly,⠀

I run over to your room and wake you up to tell you I’m hungry. ⠀
Moooom! Wake up! I’m ready for breakfast! ⠀
I wake you up.⠀
I see you wipe your eyes. ⠀
You look at Dad, you look tired, but you look at me and I feel ready for another day where I’ll need you.⠀
I don’t know if you understand just how much I rest in your love.⠀
How much I look forward to our time together.⠀
How I cherish your words.⠀
You are my first thought when I wake up and my last thought when I go to sleep.⠀
Mom, I know some days it feels like I need you too much.⠀
It seems like I need you for everything right now.⠀
I get that it’s tough. ⠀
This is new for you and it’s new for me too. ⠀
I like when you take care of you mom. You need to.
I feel safe when you set boundaries, when you say “I can’t let you” even if I protest it at the time.
It’s because don’t quite know how to be two yet, I’m learning, and I think you’re learning too.
I’m two and you are my rock, my secure base to see the world from.⠀
When I explore I look back to you.⠀
I may not need you like this forever, someday I’ll be older, I’ll be grown.⠀
But as I get older I’ll always know you are there to fall back on, my fortress, my home

Many days I feel like this as a work from home stay at home mom. On days that are tough I always find it helpful to take my child’s perspective. It helps ground me back in the reality of raising littles. Some days can be so hard, I had one of those today. Being needed all day long can feel exhausting.


Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you’ve been needed so much?

You are surrounded by a village of parents right there in it with you.

Picture: Spirit Y Sol


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