My baby is breech….now what?

My baby is breech….now what?

If you are around 36 weeks pregnant and find that your baby is breech you aren’t alone.  While it isn’t overly common for babies to be breech at this point, its important to know that this IS a normal position for babies to be in at the end of pregnancy!  There doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence as to why babies present as breech, there are still a decent number of breech babies at this stage of pregnancy and its important that everyone understands exactly what this means and what options are available to them!

What does breech mean?

Breech presentation means that baby is not head down in the uterus.  There are three different ways that a baby can be breech: (taken from the Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists of Canada)


What are your options!?

Make sure you discuss all of your options with your health care provider!

At the 35-36 week mark, it is the best time to be referred to Ottawa for an External Version:
where the attempt is made to turn the baby with specific manoeuvres.

There is a widely popular website called Spinning Babies that has many wonderful suggestions and activities.  They also have information on things you can do at home to encourage your baby to “flip” to head down.

Many families aren’t aware that there is the possible option to transfer care to Ottawa and have a vaginal breech birth.  Betty Ann Daviss, midwife, has been a leader in advocating for vaginal breech birth, offers workshops for families and from time to time takes clients who are looking for specific care.   Find her practice’s website here.

The Pembroke hospital’s policy for breech presentation is to schedule a surgical birth.  Should this be your choice, ensure that you discuss with your OB about options within the birth that line with your family’s philosophies and birth preferences.

Find below, more websites and Facebook groups that will be of interest and assistance!

Something that is very important to remember; Renfrew County Doulas accompanies you to whichever birth location you choose!